Menu for the week of Oct 1

Sun: BBQ, Cole slaw
Mon: Steak
Tue: Pork chops w/cheesy grits Wed: Grilled cheese with tomato soup: , Thu: Pasta Fri: Salad

Menu for the week of Sep 25

Huevos Rancheros

Sat: District Taco
Sun: [make leche, beans, hot sauce]
Mon: Ceviche (leche)
Tue: Corn/tomato/pepper/avocado salad with frijoles
Wed: Taco salad
Thu: Huevos Rancheros (, with frijoles
Fri: Leftover corn/tomato/avocado salad (A to Garmish)

Menu for the week of Sept 17

Shrimp Saganaki with sauteed Kale flowers

Sat: ½ brick chicken
Sun: (but with hangar steak) Mon: Tue: Pita/shawarma leftovers Wed: Greek Salad Thu: shakshuka Fri: Leftovers,

Menu for the week of Sept 10

Sat: Office BBQ (bring tomato salad)
Sun: Tacos!!
Mon: steak + corn, bread, veg for grainbowls
Tue: Wed: Salad w/leftover Mex Gazpacho + tortilla Thu: [Jon out] Fried eggplant w/ quick tomato sauce or go out Fri: Pizza leftovers

Menu for the week of Sept 3

Menu for the week of Sept 3
Sat: Out?
Sun: Grilling? + corn
Mon: BBQ !!
Tue: Mexican Gazpacho
Wed: Salad
Thu: BBQ Leftovers w/cole slaw, corn
Fri:Leftover gazpacho

Menu for the week of August 28th

Smoked Salmon

Sun: gazpacho lunch; (grill/brats + corn) grilll extra corn and squash/zucc+ smoke salmon; make bread (sauce?)
Mon: with a la Tue: Stone fruit salad + seared bread Wed: BLTs Thu: Salmon salad or lox/bagels Fri: Go Out

Menu for the week of Aug 20 - Mediterranean tomatoes

Tomato Tart

Sat: Office BBQ
Sun: + prep tart Mon: Fish something + Tue: Wed: Thu: Gazpacho and leftover tart And the Cabin Weekend plan: Fri Dinner: Grilled fish with grilled sides and salad Sat Breakfast: Bagels with lox and cream cheese Sat Lunch: Packed sandwiches (tuna salad, etc.) that are easy to eat on a hike Sat Dinner: Steak with grilled sides, salad, baguette

Menu for the week of August 8th

Sat: Grilling (carne asado)
Sun: Carne Asado (meat, rajas/peppers, onions), grill carne; griddle tortillas; serve with guac, salsa, sour cream), harissa, and poblano rice
Mon: w/ mango salsa
Tue: Vegetarian Mexican salad
Wed: A baseball game (J: tortillas, beans, corn/chile salad )
Thu: Carne Asada Burritos! (carne asada, beans, rice, sour cream, avocado/guacamole, pico de gallo, corn salad, salsa, cheese) poblano rice

Menu for the week of August 1

Berber eggs

Sat: out
Sun: Grill version of with corn and (grill eggplant for Mon and for baba ghanoush - ) grilled beets Mon: Tue: shakshuka w/ fresh tomatoes

Menu for the week of July 23

Sat: with a la Sun: Steak with and corn and squash Mon: with black beans, tortillas, sour cream Tue: BLT Wed: Smoked salmon salad with pickled red onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, dill yogurt dressing Thu: Fri: out

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