Menu for Week of July 4th

Fri: Off!,, 
Sat: 4th! Brisket Sammies / leftovers, corn on the cob, Portuguese cornbread?
Sun: Pimiento Mac&Cheese + Green Salad
Mon: Stone fruit salad with corn on the cob
Tue: Brisket Leftovers (potato salad, cole slaw)
Wed: Grain bowl (grains, halloumi, tahini dressing, corn, cherry tomato, avocado, herbs, scallions) 
Thu: (A late) Brisket + Mac&Cheese leftoverssssss
Fri:  I'm sure there will still be brisket left

Menu of Week of June 28th

Sat: Paella w/ grean beens
Sun: Hamburgers
Mon: Panzanella salad
Tue: Egg and Chorizo  w/ carrot salad
Wed: Leftover paella w/ side salad
Thu: Soup with sausage, serrano, cheese, side salad

Menu for Week of June 21st

Sun night:  pan seared salmon, veg, side salad, baguette
 + (cure 1 salmon; make rice powder, make tart )
Mon: Thai beef salad
Tue:  Salad night + baguette
Wed: Tomato Tart +side salad
Thu: Crackers + goat cheese, roe spread, chive cream cheese + cured salmon + tomato shallot salad
Fri:  Tart leftovers  + salad      (A home late-likely)

Menu for Week of June 14th

Sat: Wineries/picnic / picnic leftovers
Sun: baby back ribs (grilling) + grilled veg? (roast chiles)
Mon: Chiles Rellenos and beans
Tue: salad
Wed: LAC HH / leftovers from Sunday (??)
Thu: leftover ribs or BELT (soak grains; roast sweet potatoes?) w/side salad
Fri: Grain bowl w/ seared cheese, shaved asparagus, and salmon (Audrey home!) 
Sat:  Tamarind steak with cold siracha soba noodles
Sun: Large lunch (BLT)

Menu for Week of May 24th

Sun: BBQ
Mon: Steak w/veg, baguette
Wed: Lamb pita kabobs with grilled vegetables
Thu: Mediterranean Salad
Fri: Rice salad leftovers

Menu for Week of May 3rd

Sat: Fish Tacos;  Make Mole; salsa; salsa verde
Sun: Carne Asado w/corn salsa (+Angela, Jason)
Mon: Corn / Mole Enchiladas 
Tue: carne asado BURRITO BOWLS - rice beans meat salsa cheese crema avacado)
Thu: SXSW Enchilada - egg, tortilla, avocado, chicken, cheese and salsa verde: 
Fri: Leftovers / nacho / salad night

Menu for the week of May 3

Sat: Fish Tacos
Sun: Carne Asado w/corn salsa
Mon: Corn / Mole Enchiladas
Tue: carne asado BURRITO BOWLS
Thu: Veg SXSW Enchilada
Fri: Leftovers / nacho / salad night

Goat Cheese and Corn Mole Enchiladas

Menu for the week of April 27

Mon: monkfish w/pesto pasta
Tue: shaved asparagus salad w/cured meats
Wed: prosciutto/moz/basil sandwiches
Thu: (out)
Fri: leftover pasta

Menu for Week of April 5th

Sun: and and cabbage pepper slaw
Mon: Sushi and edmame
Tue: Leftovers
Fri: with what inside???

Hoi An Pancakes

Menu for Week of March 29th

Sun: with asparagus and (shallot sumac)
Mon: (out) 
Tue:, subbing some spring greens for parsley, adding lamb and fried pita
Wed: Lamb pita pockets with feta
Thu: substituting some carrots for kale
Fri: Passover dinner

Lamb Shawarma

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