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Going overboard on Coffee:

Cocktails that balance an overly woodsy whiskey:

Far too many cocktail menus look like this:

Microwave-bowl-chocolate-cake: Wrong, but just maybe also right?

XMas Dinner 2013

Duck Leg Confit

We experiment a bit with our xmas dinners - while the Thanksgiving menu is well locked-in with the annual turkey and dressing with sides, we don't feel as bound to repeating that for xmas. Last year, we tried goose, but ... well, let's say we didn't instantly adopt it as a tradition. This year, we're going with duck confit:

Duck leg confit with spicy pickled raisins

Brussels Sprouts with chestnuts (not a repeat dish)

Beets with citrus and nuts

Hot rolls

And for dessert, a classically over-complicated Cook's Illustrated French Apple Cake

Thanksgiving 2013 Menu

Turkey and Dressing 2013

We hosted good chunks of both sides of our families for this year's Thanksgiving, serving a total of 10 people! I promise that the 78-item week-of to-do list was epic. I will neither confirm nor deny that we used a project management tool to keep it under control.

Turkey and Dressing with Gravy (17 lb turkey)

Cranberry sauce (3 bags worth)

Dinner rolls (1 recipe)

Potato Latkes (~5 lbs potatoes)

Raw kale and brussels sprouts salad (4x recipe)

Steamed romanesco broccoli (1 large head)

Quinoa and butternut squash (1x recipe)

and for dessert...

Elaine's lemon meringue pie (1 pie)

Maurine's pumkin pie (1 pie)

Sharon's pound cake (1 cake)

food science link roundup

Food hacking links

One day, I'll find a drink interesting enough to get me to buy a bottle of Cynar:

Salt and cocktails:

Smoke and cocktails:

Useful ratios for cooking:

Graham crackers, disguised as homemade cinnamon toast crunch:

Foodie dice:

Menu for September 16th


Mon Salmon and tomato/olive salsa w/ Moroccan Carrot Salad
Wed brick chicken w/shallot sumac yogurt sauce and peavine side-salad
Thus wheatberry salad, pita

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