Food Hacking Link Roundup

When you really need to grind pepper, you bring in power tools. Like your drill:

Pair grapes with asparagus? Sure: What about vinegar in cocktails? Why not:

Online food pairing map: (iPad app)

DIY Bitters?

Making your own bitters - I mean ... why not?

Tasty Ideas: Blog link roundup

Social kitchen brings us an intriguing tea biscuit tweak:

GoodBooze brings some spring cocktail ideas - this one, with strawberries and fizzy wine: and this one, with beer syrup (!)

Kitchen Hacking Link Roundup

Food Hacking Link roundup

Food Links: Bacon Hacking, Beer Politics, More Politics

Eight bacon "hacks" : (best hack: bacon cups). OK, one more bacon hack: homemade bacon salt: . OK, last bacon hack, a Cooks Illustrated method for using bacon paste (their term, not mine) to help chicken kabobs:

Another fun hack (or a disaster) - sous-vide cooking salmon in your sink:

The Georgian

In DC, we are at the peak weeks for stone fruit. Peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums. If it's a drupe, it's in season. For those of us with generally laughable growing seasons, this is pretty exciting. So, well, we might have gone a bit overboard in buying the past few weeks. We bought Marvin out of apricots the first week he had them to make jam for the winter, and keep ending up with, well, more peaches and nectarines than most sane people would try to tackle in a week.

A Tasty Breakfast

Pan seared tamale breakfast with fresh fruit

We came to the realization that if we want to preserve treats from this summer for the winter, then we need space to do that. We've done pretty well on our house-canned goods, but lacking a Freezer of Unusual Size (I don't think they exist), this meant we had to find uses for some items stored away in there currently.

Menu for the week of June 26

Sun: grilled whole rainbow trout, stuffed with lemon and rosemary, brushed with garlic scape pesto, with quinoa, grilled squash, and side salad of purslane and seabeans.

Mon : artesenal pizza w/salad on top
Tues: Gnocci in a brown butter sauce and side veg
Wed : Composed Salad w/ tuna
Thus: H St. / Art Walk
Fri : Baguette slices with heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, cured meats, cheese, olives, pickled mushrooms...

For the Record: Komi 5/28

  1. House-made brioche with smoked trout roe and greek yogurt
  2. Cured salmon with squid ink toast and raw pacific mexican whitefish with green tomato
  3. Raw scallops two ways - with coconut milk and with crumbled pistachios
  4. Burrata with asparagus and lemon breadcrumbs
  5. Egg ravioli with ramps and dried tuna flakes
  6. One-bite spanakopita
  7. Smoked fois gras with pea purée
  8. House-made half smoke with spicy tomato chutney, half sour pickle and beer
  9. Warm date stuffed with marscspone topped w olive oil and sea salt

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