Cabernet Sauvignon

Both Barrels Cab-Sav Shiraz 2011

A very young, brash, tannic and fruit-forward blend from a Zagat collection.

Chateau Mayne Guyon Grand Vin de Bordeaux

A bit sharp and tannic for a French blend.

H J Fabre Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Strong bodied, bordering on a malbec. Mineral-y back taste with front notes of dark cherry, sherry.

Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon

Bright fruit notes with a smoky, tabacco background. Medium bodied, strong but not heavy. Goes well with stronger flavors like blue cheese, grilled meats and dark chocolate.

Calvet Reserve de L'Estey Medoc

A medium-bodied Medoc, not too sharp to to heavy. Goes well with steam or pasta.

Tilia Cab Sav (2010)

Smooth, fruit-forward, medium-bodied (lighter than most CabSavs), easy to drink ;

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