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Thailand Theasers

Some photos from our Thailand trip!

4-day Cabin Plan

Jon and I have found a great rental "cabin" about 1.5 hours outside of DC (not giving our secret away!). We go there about once or twice a year to unplug and relax. We invariably have a great time.

Each time we go, we plan a menu and bring everything we need to execute it. To help with future planning, here are menu options and shopping lists.

Summer Option

Lunch D1 (optional): Stop at Ashby Inn, Goodstone Inn, or Trummer's On Main.

Paris Restaurants

Jon's uncle is an art historian, and spends a lot of time in Paris. Thus, he also has a list of favorite nearby restaurants which the whole family has been curating and improving over the years. Here are some of our favorites from when we spent New Year's in Paris:

Better Late than never: Where to Eat in Argentina

We came, we saw, we had steak.

We arrived in Buenos Aires early in the morning. After taxi'ing in to the city, we were overjoyed to find our room at Miravida Soho, a small boutique hotel in Palermo, ready for us to take a nap in. We re-emerged around lunchtime and explored downtown - the obelisk, the congress buidling and the Casa Rosada. We retreated back on an Orange-line-at-rush-hour-plus packed subte (The subte system is great - just don't take it with the flow at rush hour!). We chilled at the hotel, talked to its new owner, had some excellent wine (Los Cobos' Felino line) and sought out some recommendations for our first dinner in Bs As. We were recommended to Don Julio, which largely flies under the radar of the tour books, is a bit kitschy, but remains the best steak, along with the best service we had in Argentina - which is no easy feat, especially in combination.

The rest of our time in BsAs would be cold and rainy, but we managed to explore the cute and hip shops of Palermo, the trendy and arty Retiro, the city-like Recoleta Cemetary, the botanical and Japanese gardens during a break in the rain, the crazy San Telmo sunday markey... and - mostly - eat.

Buenos Aires is a foodie town. From the humble and heart-clogging choripan (mild, fatty chorizo sausage, split, grilled, and slapped in a bun with chimichurri and other sauces) to a five hour molecular-gastronomy-inspired lunch (ok, really only four and a half hours), BsAs has you covered.

The Perfect Egg at La Vineria

And the wedding photos!

Here's some of the amazing professional photos we got from Paul and Leanne:

Argentina Photos

You know, a lot of people asked us "why Argentina??" We hope this answers any questions like that.

Hiking at Great Falls

(Click for the slideshow)


We traveled up to Rochester for a wedding of some good friends, driving with some other good friends and stopping in Pennsylvania along the way.

Teaser Wedding Photos

Some awesome wedding photos thanks to our families and friends:

Arganica Week 5

We decided to add a second "trial month" to our Arganica membership. We repeated some favorites from earlier weeks and tried new things too. This week we received:

Plain Yogurt (with "yogurt cream" on top ... delicious)
Red Onion
Fresh Parsley
Hydroponic Lettuce
Lemon Poppy Scone
Polyface Farms Delmonico Ribeye Steak

... and a local food magazine.

Arganica Week 5

Arganica Week 3

This week we received our third Arganica delivery (apologies for forgetting to take a picture and post about our second delivery, which included locally milled flour).

This week's delivery includes:

Farm Eggs
Pizza Dough
Roasted Garlic Linguini
Cremini Mushrooms
York Apples
Hydroponic Lettuce

When this 1-month trial is done (next week), expect a longer post on our overall experience.

Arganica Week 3

Another Great Community Event - P&C Market

Fresh off the heels of last night's [[|community dinner]], tonight we went to a neighborhood roast pig / pot luck dinner at [[|P&C Market]].


A Literary Feast

Last night we participated in the 5th annual Capitol Hill [[|Literary Feast]]. We prioritized four books/cuisines and were delighted to be assigned to the Unaccustomed Earth dinner. The book is a collection of short stores, all about first generation Bengali-Americans and their struggles to blend their parents' Indian heritage with their American upbringing. Its an outstanding book, especially for anyone whose family has recently emigrated to America (from anywhere, not just India).

Literary Feast

Cherry Blossom Photos!

Audrey and I braved the tourist throngs to stroll around the DC tidal basin to check out the blossoms and have a a picnic after work.


We walked down to the Fish Market at the DC Waterfront to explore:

Paris Photos

Better late than never, our Paris set:

The Housing Price Index for the US, 2002-6

GapMinder (See the TED presentation) and Google now have motion charts - if you have time series, they have an awesome visualization tool.

Check out this tool charting housing costs against unemployment in the US

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