Orange Aperol Spritz

1/2 oz Aperol
1/2 oz orange juice
thin orange slices (for garnish)

In lowballs with ice, add Aperol and orange juice, stir together, top with prosecco, garnish with a slice of orange

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Orange Aperol Spritz
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Unusual Negroni

Equal parts:

  • Gin (a fruit forward, botanical gin like Catoctin Creek is great for this)
  • Aperol
  • Lillet blanc

Shake or stir with ice, serve in a lowball glass with ice, garnish with an orange peel.


Unusual Negroni
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Orange you Glad

Based on a cocktail at Restaurant Eve

1.5 parts Cointreau or Grand Marinier
1 part dry gin
1 part vodka
orange syrup
orange bitters (3 dashes)
lemon bitters (5 dashes)

Shake with ice, serve up in a cocktail glass. Flame an orange peel over the glass, rub rim.

Orange you glad
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Spring Sidecar

This combines the floral tartness of a sidecar with the sweetness of cherries.

2 parts Rye
1 part Cointreau
a few dashes orange bitters
a few dashes cherry bitters
a teaspoon of cherry syrup

Shake with ice, serve up in a cocktail glass garnished with a maraschino cherry and an orange slice.

Drop one drop of peychaud's bitters on top for a "cherry blossom" effect

Spring Sidecar
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Combine in a shaker with ice:

The juice of 1/2 orange
The juice of 1/2 lime
The juice of a lemon

half oz of brandy
sweet syrup to taste

Add a nice fruit-forward red wine (jammy cabernet blends work well)

Shake to chill, serve in a margarita glass with plain soda or ginger ale, garnish with orange and lemon slices plus berries and mint sprigs

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Tequila Sunrise

4 parts orange juice
2 parts tequila
1 part grenadine

Pour the tequila and the orange juice into a highball glass with ice cubes, stir.

Slowly pour the grenadine around the inside edge of the glass, it will sink and slowly rise to mix with the other ingredients naturally.

Garnish with the orange slice and cherry.

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Orange Spritzer

1 fresh orange slice
1/2 honey syrup (mix equal parts honey and hot water)
2 dashes orange bitters
1 oz lillet
4 oz dry prosecco, chilled

In a shaker, muddle the orange slice, bitters, and honey syrup. Add Lillet and stir. Fill shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled champaign flute and slowly add the prosecco. Garnish with orange twist.

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Orange Spritz
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  • 2 parts rye or bourbon
  • 1 part cointreau
  • 1 part sweet red vermouth
  • 1 part or less lime juice

Shake and strain. Serve in a chilled cocktail glass with an orange twist.

Oriental or James Joyce cocktail
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Whiskey Sour

3 parts Bourbon whiskey
2 parts fresh lemon juice
1 part egg white (optional)
dash simple syrup or molasses/sorghum

Shake with ice. Strain into ice-filled old-fashioned glass rimmed with sugar and serve on the rocks.

Garnish with maraschino cherry and orange slice

Whiskey Sour
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Old Fashioned

  • 1.5 oz Rye whiskey
  • 1 sugar cube
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 1 splash soda water

Place sugar cube in old fashioned (low tumbler) glass and saturate with bitter, add a dash of soda water. Muddle until dissolved. Fill the glass with ice cubes and add whiskey. Garnish with orange slice, lemon twist and two maraschino cherries.

Room 11 has a variation:

Old Fashioned
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Tom Collins

2 parts gin or vodka
1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice
drizzle of sugar syrup
A dash of lemoncello (optional)
Citrus bitters (optional)
chilled carbonated water to taste

Mix the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup in a highball glass with ice, top up with soda water, garnish and serve.

Garnish with a citrus wedge or cherry

Tom Collins
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1 part vodka
2 parts orange juice

Pour vodka and fresh orange juice into highball glass and stir. Add orange wedge.

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