Breads, pie crusts, doughs, etc.

Wheat sandwich bread

This recipe presumes a bread machine.

  • 1β…“ c water
  • ΒΌ c grains (fast-cooking better)
    β…› c gluten
    2 cups wheat flour
    1 c less β…› white flour
    2 T dry milk
    2 t salt
    3 T honey (use a T measure to make indents in the flour, pour in)
    3 T butter in small pieces
    just less than 2t yeast on top

Add ingredients in order - the gluten and flour will "float" on top of the water, make sure the grains you add are in the water to soak.

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Gluten-Free Pie Crust


2.5 cups almond flower

2 Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
6 Tbsp melted shortening
~ 2 Tbsp ice water to combine

Combine almond flour, sugar, and salt in a medium sized bowl.
Add in your melted shortening until well combined.
Slowly add in one teaspoon of ice water until a firm ball is formed.
Press dough into pie pan / cooking dish. Smooth out with bottom of a cup or measuring cup until flat like a pie crust.

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Pie Crust

Another recipe from Mom: the ever-useful pie crust, that can be filled with fruit, sugar and cinnamon/allspice to make all kinds of pies/cobblers, or with omelette fixin's for a quiche, or spread flat and add some OJ in place of water and make a dessert "pizza crust" to top with marscarpone and berries/sliced fruit...

After many years, I've begun adapting it. The Kitchn has a great alternative recipe that I have incorporated.

Basic Recipe

This makes dough for three 9" crusts

4 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

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