Wheat sandwich bread

This recipe presumes a bread machine.

  • 1β…“ c water
  • ΒΌ c grains (fast-cooking better)
    β…› c gluten
    2 cups wheat flour
    1 c less β…› white flour
    2 T dry milk
    2 t salt
    3 T honey (use a T measure to make indents in the flour, pour in)
    3 T butter in small pieces
    just less than 2t yeast on top

Add ingredients in order - the gluten and flour will "float" on top of the water, make sure the grains you add are in the water to soak.

If you're making it during the day, hold off on adding seeds/nuts/additional grains until after the bread has been kneaded. If you are using a bread machine overnight; add some additional nuts/seeds/grains when you add the grains first, but you'll also need to either pre-soak the grains or add a bit more water.

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