Indian Salad

Every week, we include a "big salad night" on our menu. Depending on the cuisine we've selected, that can be easy or hard. For example, Asian week? That's easy - chinese chicken salad. Italian week? Try a caesar salad or (my personal favorite) panzanella salad.

But when it came to Indian week, I was initially at a loss. And then it dawned on me to mix together some of the flavor combinations we'd already be having throughout the rest of our Indian week. The result was actually a pretty big hit.

Mix together reasonable portions of the following (this is a great way to use leftovers from prior meals!):

Toss with a raita-like yogurt-based dressing. I recommend mixing plain yogurt, lemon (or lime) juice, a touch of rice vinegar, and raita spice.

If you have papadums, feel free to crumble a few on top for an extra crunch.

Serve and enjoy!

Indian Salad
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