Mango Selassie

Take equal parts yogurt and fresh diced mango, and puree. Add honey to taste and a few cubes of ice (~2 per cup of yogurt), and blend until ice is mixed up and the mixture is a bit fluffy.

Pour 4/5 of the mixture into a separate container, add green food coloring to the remaining 1/5, blend until green.

Pour the green-color mango lassi into the bottoms of the cups. Pour half of the plain (yellow) mango lassi over the back of a spoon into the cups. Some will add to the height of the green, so it should end up roughly equal.

Clean the blender, and return the remaining lassi to the blender, adding red food coloring, and blend. Pour this over the top to create a three-band of traditional rastafarian colors (red, gold, green), and enjoy.

Mango Selassi (photo by Jon)
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