Fir Coat: Cocktails with Pine Trees

I finally got my hands on a Douglas Fir Eau-de-vie from Oregon's Clear Creek Distillery. I've been lusting after this since Adam Bernbach over at Proof managed to craft a cocktail for me that followed my directions (so botanical it tastes like a pine tree) but still tasted good. Now I have to start re-creating that concoction. I'll start with some guidance from Slashfood's review of the Alpine version of this, Zirbenz:

20ml gin
10ml dry vermouth
5ml Zirbenz

source: Gary Regan,

A great exploration of "resin" based cocktails: leads to this:

4 part Green Hat's Ginavit Green Hat's Christmas 2013 gin has an interesting set of botanicals that work in this cocktail. if not available, look for a bold classic style gin.
2 part Cocchi Americano (or Lilet)
1 part Douglas Fir Eau De Vie
1 part Lime Juice Fresh squeezed

Resin the Bar
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