Gin and Pine

Split a piece of the heart of a green pine log into fine splints, about the size of a cedar lead-pencil, take 2 ounces of the same and put into a quart decanter, and fill the decanter with gin.

Let the pine soak for two hours, and the gin will be ready to serve. * be careful to strain all wood from drink before serving!*

Some history: via :

"A friend of many years whispered in my ear, ‘Try gin and pine.’ It was a mysterious proposition, and I looked to him for an explanation. He led me down stairs, and then demanded of a young man who stood behind a counter, ‘Gin and pine!’ The gin was poured into a glass and then a dark-looking bottle was taken down — the same, I was told, that Smith discovered — and about a teaspoon full of dark semi-fluid added. The tumbler was then filled with water and sweetened, and it was given me to take — as a medicine."

I get the feeling this is and has always been a joke. It tastes not unlike Zirbenz or a Douglas fir eau-de-vie, which is fine, but not gin.

Gin and Pine
Gin and Pine Article
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