The Ibsen

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Chunks of ice from an ice-house. 5 pound chunk will be perfect

Poire Williams

Krogstad Aquavit from Portland, Oregon

Fresh Thyme and mint in a cheesecloth bag

Crushed Blackberries and Raspberries

Bitter End Moroccan Bitters

Seltzer Water


A couple days before making this cocktail place a cheesecloth bag of mint and thyme inside a bottle of Aquavit and set into the fridge.

Cocktail Preparation:

Lightly crush the blackberries and raspberries with a muddler

Add some fresh ice to the cocktail shaker

Add 2 Shots of the Krogstad Aquavit infused with the thyme and mint and 1 shot of the pür•spirits Williams Pear Liqueur to the shaker

Add four drops of Bitter End Moroccan Bitters

Shake briskly for 30 seconds

Serve in a coupe’ glass (like an old fashioned Champagne glass) Cut some nice chunks of ice from your five pound block of ice (very celebratory!) and drop into the coupe’ glass

Splash some seltzer over the top of the ice to reveal the fizz

A veritable mind eraser!

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