For the Record: Komi 5/28

  1. House-made brioche with smoked trout roe and greek yogurt
  2. Cured salmon with squid ink toast and raw pacific mexican whitefish with green tomato
  3. Raw scallops two ways - with coconut milk and with crumbled pistachios
  4. Burrata with asparagus and lemon breadcrumbs
  5. Egg ravioli with ramps and dried tuna flakes
  6. One-bite spanakopita
  7. Smoked fois gras with pea purée
  8. House-made half smoke with spicy tomato chutney, half sour pickle and beer
  9. Warm date stuffed with marscspone topped w olive oil and sea salt

Hiking at Great Falls

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Rally to Restore Sanity

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We traveled up to Rochester for a wedding of some good friends, driving with some other good friends and stopping in Pennsylvania along the way.

DC's Signature Drink

Did you know that DC has a drink, and that July is its month?

WeLoveDC gives you all you need to know about the Rickey.

DC Migration paths

Amazing map of where people come from - and leave for, looking from DC via DCist.com:

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