For the Record: Komi 5/28

  1. House-made brioche with smoked trout roe and greek yogurt
  2. Cured salmon with squid ink toast and raw pacific mexican whitefish with green tomato
  3. Raw scallops two ways - with coconut milk and with crumbled pistachios
  4. Burrata with asparagus and lemon breadcrumbs
  5. Egg ravioli with ramps and dried tuna flakes
  6. One-bite spanakopita
  7. Smoked fois gras with pea purée
  8. House-made half smoke with spicy tomato chutney, half sour pickle and beer
  9. Warm date stuffed with marscspone topped w olive oil and sea salt
  10. House made tagliatelli with salt cod tomato sauce with crispy caperberries
  11. Slow roasted goat with house pita, tzaziki, radish salad, mustard, lemon salt, and pickled fresno pepper
  12. Shortbread cookie with sheepsmilk ricotta and Meyer lemon; chocolate caramel
  13. Ginger rhubarb sorbet with crispy rice and ginger crumble
  14. Greek donut with local strawberry and house-made whip cream

Happy belated birthday to me!