On Beer

A periodic table of beer: http://www.reddit.com/r/beer/comments/aejzk/periodic_table_of_be...

How a Beer becomes a law. Er, legal, in DC: http://www.welovedc.com/2010/01/04/where-is-your-favorite-beer:

“All beers that are new to the US need to have their labels approved by the Tax and Trade Bureau. This hoop would presumably only be new to an import, as domestic brews have been sold elsewhere in the states before arriving in a new area,” said Greg. “So the brewery would have to be willing to register and pay the fees associated with such approval. Additionally, certain states, VA included, require another label approval, this time done by the state government. Both domestic and international breweries would have to register each new brew with the state and pay additional fees. This addition serves to deter many brands from coming into such markets. A lot of times, the breweries don’t have much excess beer, so they will choose to ship into areas without this secondary label approval.”