DC Blog post round-up

The KC Pit BBQ truck makes the proudest, biggest-belt-bulked, thereifixedit-stylin' Texan BBQ master weak in the knees, by the Washington City Paper's rundown on it's specs, including walk-ins (freezer and fridge, dry storage, plasma TVs and a "separate, customized wood-smoke pit hidden behind the massive 18-wheeler."

Young and Hungry gives some local chef tips on how to brine turkeys for the holidays.

A great story about Carafe Wines and its founder by WeLoveDC

Yummy tacos: now available in DC! http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/youngandhungry/2009/11/... and http://DistrictTaco.com

Trip your taste buds: http://www.flavortripdc.com/

And some critics best-of list round ups:

Google map of top picks via Y&H

WeLoveDC focuses in on Bourbon Steak, and in doing so, makes me very hungry.

Relatedly, it looks like we have Real Housewives of DC, we just got done with Real World: DC - we can haz Top Chef DC??