The ChangeShot

The ChangeShot draws inspiration from classic cocktails such as the manhattan (a popular drink among the cm team) and the old fashioned.

Version 1

3 parts rum (Flor de Cana 7yr is good)
1 part cointreau
2 dashes per 4 oz orange bitters
1 dash per 4 oz aromatic bitters
1 tsp Pomegranate liqueur
1 tsp Grenadine (natural)
Orange peel

Serve up in a cocktail glass, pour in 1 dash real grenadine and 1 dash pama pomegranate liquor, which will settle to bottom. Garnish with a flamed orange twist and rub the rim with melted dark chocolate.

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As a warning, this is

As a warning, this is difficult to make and uses a lot of expensive materials, so it might not catch on.

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