BBQ'ed Ribs

  • 1 rack of Pork Spare Ribs (not the "country style" which are thicker and harder to cook thouroughly)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Sauce (recipe follows)

Salt and pepper (with smoked salt, if available) a rack of ribs as it comes up to room temperature, 30 minutes to an hour ahead of BBQing.

Over a medium flame, sear the ribs on both sides. Move away from direct heat, add wood chips, and let cook via smoke and indirect heat at 250° for ~4 hours (2-3 for baby back ribs, more if you're smoking multiple racks). This brings in the smoke flavor and slowly cooks the rack.

Apply sauce and let it congeal (5-10 minutes), flip, sauce second side. Move back to direct heat (you may need new coals). Continue to allow to cook, recoating as needed, and caramelize for another 5-10 minutes until the sauce has caramelized to a dark sheen.

2/3rds bottle of Kraft BBQ (Hickory or Mesquite Smoke style)
Vinegar to taste
2 Tbsp lemon or lime juice
1 gollup of molasses (~1/4 cup)
Dash of smoke
Dash of Worchestershire sauce

Sauce notes from Dad:
"The sauce is basically Kraft BBQ--Hickory or Mesquite Smoke flavor--to which I add maybe a little vinegar (especially when I need to rinse out a bottle of sauce), some squeezes of lemon or lime juice, and, nowadays, I like to add a gollup of molasses (maybe a quarter cup). For a slab of ribs and a sausage, I seldom use an entire thingy of Kraft sauce; maybe two-thirds, plus the add ins."

From Jon's Dad's methodology:

Cook the ribs slow and then start to put the sauce on ....along with salt and pepper.

"I first sear the ribs on both sides, and add a fair amount of salt and lots of crude grind pepper to each seared side (2-4 mins. per side, depending on how much heat you have--I like it hot to start and then use the lid and venting to cool it down a bit). Then, I go to adding the sauce to first one side and then the other--again allowing 3-4 mins. per side. I do that twice per side, always closing the lid again after the slathering. At about 30 minutes, I cut the ribs while still on the grill to make sure they are thoroughly done; maybe add a tiny bit more sauce for a final few minutes. Then, "wah lah!" [That's an old inside joke]"

Slower method:

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