Drinker's Choice

Drinker's Choice

In Austin, there used to be a fantastic Turkish restaurant called Ararat - one of Austin's best kept restaurant secrets (that everyone knows). They had bellydancing all weekend and live bands during the week, and some of the best middle eastern food you'll find. It was a small place with rug-covered walls that was always jam-packed.

Anyhow, Ararat has an appetizer, called "Drinker's Choice;" described as " Sesame blended with lemon and pomegranate creates a distinctive sweet and sour taste, complimenting almost any drink. " It's mindblowingly good. My problem is that I don't live in Austin anymore.

I undertook re-creating it, and have come close enough.

2 parts tahini
2 parts plain, thick yogurt (Greek style)
1 part fresh lemon juice (bottled tastes funny)
1 part honey
salt to taste, to enhance the flavor
1/2 part olive oil (for smoother texture, optional).

Put on top dried cranberries, chopped dried apricots and figs (also: dates, dried hibiscus, etc), and chopped nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, and/or walnuts).

Drizzle generous amounts of pomegranate syrup (available at Whole Foods), eat with warm pita.

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