A holding place for all things foam, thanks to my iSi Creative Whip.

First up, a blue cheese foam to top steak with:
1 oz blue cheese (Roquefort)
1 oz cream
1 T milk
blend until perfectly smooth, whip, chill, serve.

Next up, a raita-yogurt foam
1.5 oz raita (yogurt, raita spices, lemon juice)
1.5 oz cream
mix, whip, chill, serve. Great on cucumber slices.

Chimichurri foam
oil/vinegar mix from chimichurri, strained
a tad of Stubbs mopping sauce (or other vinegary BBQ sauce)
apple cider vinegar for volume

See attached file for coconut milk whipped cream, courtesy of Cook's Illustrated.

Raita Foam
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sounds delish!

FANTASIC IDEAS! The Blue Cheese foam sounds mouth watering. You should share and post them on the Creative Whip website:

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