Pickled Beets


Yield: 5 pints

~12 medium sized beets (ideally, your beets are the same diameter as your jars)
1 cup water
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup sugar

Wash beets well. Trim roots, but leave attached to vegetable so the beet doesn't bleed too much when cooked.

Put beets in boiling water for 30-45 minutes (until they peel easily).

Peel beets. Put in cold water to cool.

While beets are cooling, mix water, vinegar, and sugar. Warm on stovetop until hot, but not boiling.

Meanwhile, warm jars and lids. Use mandolin to slice beets ~1/8-1/4" thick.

Layer beets into jars. Pour liquid mix over.

Seal. Boil in canner for 10 minutes.

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This is really a great idea

This is really a great idea for radishes as well! Add a hot pepper as well for an extra kick. Then put them on salads and as a bonus on pork of any kind! The acid and crunch really combat the richness.

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