Purpled Salmon with Mushrooms

I sat down to cook up some dinner. The goal: tame my basil plant that's turning into a small bush and occupying more and more of my not-that-big kitchen. So - pesto it is. But what to go with the pesto? Noodles seem to be too easy, heavy, and obvious. So some pesto-encrusted salmon. Also, I had some shitake mushrooms that needed cooking, and bought some fresh asparagus at the farmer's market this morning. I reduced some syrah with the mushrooms, because shitakes sauteed in wine = the shiznizzle. I poured the remaining reduction over the salmon, and wrapped the asparagus with some turkey bacon.

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/griffjon/616232964/

Purpled Salmon with mushrooms, Photo by Jon
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