Menu for the week of Jan 25, 2009

In order to maximize what we can buy locally, we shop on Saturday morning for as much of our food for the week as is reasonable, at the neighborhood farmer's (-ish) market. To make that work, we try to set up our menu for the week before (sometimes, during) our market run. I'll try to post our menus (with recipes where we have them!)

January 25-30, 2009: Island Week

(We skipped over some of our Hawaiian recipes during Inauguration week for our non-fish-loving houseguest, and decided to bring 'em back into this week. We didn't want a whole week of Hawaiian, or even "Asian" tho, so... islands!)

Sunday - Trinidad-style brown stew chicken and Jamaican Jerk chicken with rice and peas

Monday - Homemade Sushi rolls (tuna and salmon) with spring rolls (the non-fried kind) and bananas wrapped in wonton wrappers and fried for dessert

Tuesday - Grilled Hawaiian Shutome with Basil Vinaigrette
in Hawaiian Avacado Relish
with leftover rice-and-peas.

Wednesday - Eating out, probably on U St. somewhere.

Thursday - Brushetta and greek salad

Friday - TBD