Menu week of 18 October

This week we took advantage of the first fall crops to have a harvest-focused menu. We had thought ahead a little and bought some of the staples we'd need at Harris Teeter the week before. So we had no need to go to Safeway, and bought everything for the week at Eastern Market.

Sunday - [[|Pumpkin Ravioli with a Brown Butter Sage Sauce]] with a Beet Salad and fresh bread (read [[|my write-up]] on this meal)

Monday - Leftover Borscht from the week before

Tuesday - Baked Ham with market fresh Broccoli and homemade Corn Bread (I'm still getting used to the idea of eating ham, so I didn't eat much...)

Wednesday - Big Salad Night (with beets, queso fresco, chopped egg, and pita chips) with market Baked Potatoes (with chives, cheese, and sour cream)

Thursday - [[|Pumpking Saffrom Bisque]] with Truffle Potato Bread (purchased from the new [[|White House Farmer's Market]]) and a side salad

Friday - supposed to be leftovers, but to celebrate Jon's new job, we went out to [[|Trattoria Alberto]], our neighborhood Italian joint