Indian food week (Feb 1)

Indian meal with Naan

We have a few core Indian dishes we've learned how to make pretty well; but they're not quite enough to fill a week. Each time we settle on an Indian food week, we try a new dish, with ... well, mixed results.

The new recipe this week was Mughal style lamb (stew) on saffron rice. We substituted fresh saffron pasta from Eastern Market for the rice. It was OK, but not really a "keeper" .

We of course made lots of [[Naan]], and our favorite [[Shahi Paneer]] dish, staples of Indian week. We added a Biryani rice dish with leftover lamb. It was good, but needs a few more tries before we decide on the specific recipe. As with every week, we worked in a salad night, with a refreshing raita-yogurt dessing.