Brewing Schedule

I'm beginning to plan out my beer brewing and bottling schedule for the year. On tap (sorry) for 2010:

Early Spring: Irish Red
Late Spring: SpingBo(c)k
Early Summer: Lemon Spice
Late Summer: West Coast Pale Ale
Early Fall: Pumpkin Lager
Late Fall: Coffee Stout
Early Winter: Cranberry (?)

The Lemon Spice was one of the first brews Jon and his roommates at the Nut House (Butternut Brewers) experimented with. It combines the best of lemonade and wheat beer tastes for the ultimate in hot summer day refreshment. The West Coast Pale Ale was a surprise hit in 2009, returning for an encore this year.

The past two years, Jon has brewed Pumpkin Porters, but this fall the Pumpkin Pie Lager (another Butternut Brew original) will return for comparison's sake.

Last year's Coffee Stout also returns, and the winter brew, still TBD, is currently penciled in as a cran-wheat concoction.