Brisket Success

I spotted some Stubbs' Moppin' Sauce in the Austin airport on the way back from SXSW. It was handily past the screening point, and I snagged it; having been unable to source it in DC as yet.

We finally got around to smoking up a brisket; and between increased patience, a smaller hunk of meat, and a better setup inside the grill itself, it all worked out. We got a great red crust around the outside and tender but juicy inside.

I gave the room-temperature brisket a nice rub of pepper and smoked salt, then a quick marinade in the moppin' sauce with extra added cider vinegar and a dash of beer.

I placed the brisket itself, fat side up, on the "warming" rack, opposite from the coals.

I maintained the grill's temperature around 220F, adding soaked hickory chips and rosemary branches. I kept a dish of water under the brisket, which also gathered the drippings and re-evaporated them over the course of the smoking. I mopped it every hour or so.

The 4 lb brisket took around 4-5 hours to warm up to 180F internally.

It was delish.