A History or Capitol Hill Brewing

The Hill is Home unearths drawings and adverts from the "Washington Brewery Company", which pairs well with WeLoveDC's coverage of a new local brewery.

On the original Washington Brewery Company:

A brewery of some sort had operated from as early as 1858, where the city directory listed Humphrey & Juenemann as having their place of business at “4th East Corner E North” ie, the corner of 4th and E Streets NE. Eventually, George Juenemann took over entirely, and he and his heirs ran it until 1886, when his wife and two sons sold out to Albert Carry, of Cincinnati. Carry paid the princely sum of $95,000 for a brewery that was “famous, not only in this District, but throughout the country.” (at least according to the Washington Post of October 15, 1886)