The Georgian

In DC, we are at the peak weeks for stone fruit. Peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums. If it's a drupe, it's in season. For those of us with generally laughable growing seasons, this is pretty exciting. So, well, we might have gone a bit overboard in buying the past few weeks. We bought Marvin out of apricots the first week he had them to make jam for the winter, and keep ending up with, well, more peaches and nectarines than most sane people would try to tackle in a week.

That being said, these things lend themselves well to jamming, baking, and... drinking. So, I present to you a Manhattan with peach-infused brandy. While "Fredricksburgian" didn't quite work as a name, Georgian was workable.

Using the nitrogen cavitation method, Infuse 4 oz Brandy with half a peach, sliced.

Mix with 2 oz sweet vermouth, a dash of maraschino liqueur (or cherry brandy syrup left over from making maraschino cherries)

Add the sliced peaches and a maraschino cherry.

Serve over ice in a lowball or shake the liquid ingredients with crushed ice and serve in a cocktail glass.

For future consideration: adding a dash of cinnamon or vanilla during the infusion.