Food Links: Bacon Hacking, Beer Politics, More Politics

Eight bacon "hacks" : (best hack: bacon cups). OK, one more bacon hack: homemade bacon salt: . OK, last bacon hack, a Cooks Illustrated method for using bacon paste (their term, not mine) to help chicken kabobs:

Another fun hack (or a disaster) - sous-vide cooking salmon in your sink:

A nice roundup of the uses of sorghum in modern cuisine and drink:

Does liking quality microbrew mean you're an anti-union, neoliberal? (quick answer: almost certainly not).

Math, eggs, and getting your boil on: . Source in Norwegian. Really. "Initial temperature of the egg" is "Eggets starttemperatur."

On a more serious note, Nestle's chairman is "skeptical" of organic food. Of course, it might be partially because Nestle is making money hand over fist on high-impact chemically-based agriculture. No word on whether these farming techniques that we're supposedly dependent on are themselves even remotely sustainable themselves. FC effectively rips in to the failures of the anti-organic arguments here.

Finally, here's a grilled cheese martini, offered without comment:

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