Food (and drink) link roundup. Mostly Drink.

Epic molecular mixology:

Hot-and-cold Gin Fizz from El Bulli:

GoodBooze comes out with an entire section on gin:


The make-your-own list:

Make your own bitters from this recipe database:

Make your own sriracha: (the cool kids know that harissa is the next big thing. You heard it here first)

Make your own peanut butter: (it's as easy as it sounds - but most importantly, you can add your own flavors!)


Make your own vinegar:

Mexican wedding cookies (polvorones):

Kitchen doodads, hacks, and tricks

8bit cutting boards:

Wired weighs in on chef's knives:

One day, I'll have a pressure cooker:

A fruit salad tree:


Jose Andres on frying eggs:



Fall cooking, Thanksgiving tips:

Brining turkeys is evidently soooo last year, salting is in:


Social Kitchen makes cinnamon buns look easy:


On to more drinking:

Lemongrass syrups and gin drinks:

A second chance for daquiris:


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