Thirty Second Infusions

Dave Arnold just leveled me up with his article, Infusion Profusion: Game-Changing Fast ‘N Cheap Technique, which uses a iSi N2O powered cream whipper to infuse anything into anything in ~1 minute. I will have to try this...


Ginger and light rum

An infusion of 1 T ginger mixed with 2 oz light rum (10 cane), mixed with lime juice over ice is like a dark-and-stormy, without the dark part from the ginger beer.

Success: Mate-ini

3 oz Gin (I'm currently drinking Tanqueray), 2 tablespoons Mate, mix, infuse, strain, let stand for a few minutes to settle, and then make into a dirty martini. More than normal amounts of vermouth and olive juice help balance the extra bitterness of the mate.

First attempt

Tried 1/2 Tbsp cocoa nibs and 2 shots of vodka; ended up pretty vodka-y even after sitting for 5 minutes. More, or fresher nibs might be called for. Or a less tasty vodka (used Tito's)