Thanksgiving 2013 Menu

We hosted good chunks of both sides of our families for this year's Thanksgiving, serving a total of 10 people! I promise that the 78-item week-of to-do list was epic. I will neither confirm nor deny that we used a project management tool to keep it under control.

Turkey and Dressing with Gravy (17 lb turkey)

Cranberry sauce (3 bags worth)

Dinner rolls (1 recipe)

Potato Latkes (~5 lbs potatoes)

Raw kale and brussels sprouts salad (4x recipe)

Steamed romanesco broccoli (1 large head)

Quinoa and butternut squash (1x recipe)

and for dessert...

Elaine's lemon meringue pie (1 pie)

Maurine's pumkin pie (1 pie)

Sharon's pound cake (1 cake)

Thanksgiving Table setup
Turkey and Dressing 2013