Kitchen World War II

Our actual plan was to deal with the encroaching fall items (like beets) and to celebrate the last of the summer produce (tomatoes). Throw in a 4-day trip to Texas, a 3-day super-busy conference for Jon, and a desire to eat down some of the leftovers in the freezer as well, and a very ... diverse menu comes out.

Menu for the week of October 5 (Allied Forces)

Weekend - American Grill

Monday: Russian Borscht

Tuesday: English (ish) Guinness Cottage Pie

Wednesday: French Tomato Tart

Thursday and Friday - Leftovers

Menu for the week of October 12 (Axis)

Weekend and Monday - Austin

Tuesday: Sushi (homemade)

Wednesday: Porcini Tagliatelli Pasta (from Eastern Market) with a tomato vodka cream sauce

Thursday: German sausages