Menu for Week of March 1st

Last week was New Orleans week ... not my favorite week. The food is growing on me (and last week's gumbo was pretty delicious), but its still more of a "Jon-week." So this week was an "Audrey-week." I'll call it "California ethnic." I focused on four of my favorite California ethnic cuisines - Iranian, Jewish (...sort of a cuisine), Asian (broadly), and Mexican (also broadly).

Saturday - Homemade Sushi

Sunday - Tah Chin (Persian Rice Casserole)

Monday - Chinese Chicken Salad

Tuesday - Lox & Bagels with Latkes

Wednesday - California Quesadillas (my own concoction ... quesadilla with spinach, portobella, onions, and herbed brie)

Thursday - Fish Tacos with Mango Chutney

Friday - Leftover Tah Chin

Surprisingly, there is a fair amount of ingredient overlap here, which is how I came up with this interesting combination of dishes.