2015 Cleanse Menu

Korean Kale Slaw

Sun: Mahi Mahi with smashed white beans plus sauteed chard stems ... the white beans were really good. The rest...

Mon: Barley Risotto (a favorite from last year) with roasted celery root
Tue: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/beet-and-arugula-salad-with-qui... (use spinach, barley, nuts)
Wed: New year's eve! Smoked Salmon with green salad, baguette, and cheeses
Thu: Lobster w/ leftover celery root and green salad
Fri: Bean and Walnut salad

Sun: brussels sprouts and tofo stir-fry
Mon: cabbage salad
Tue: Korean roasted winter squash with red rice
Wed: red rice congee with edamame
Thu: Takorean style kale slaw