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The Secret to Good Salads

After a long and careful study of what makes a good salad, I have decided upon three key components, in addition to your standard greens and veggies:

1. Something sweet (like dried cranberries, raisins, pomegranate seeds, chopped apples, etc.)
2. Something crunchy (like croutons, crushed pita chips, tortilla chips, nuts, etc.)
3. Cheese (depending on the salad, goat cheese, feta, and parmesan are all good choices)

Of course you must use these things in moderation to avoid overdoing it and adding too much fat/calories/etc to a dish that, essentially, is supposed to be a healthy addition to your meal.

More on salad dressing after the jump.

Menu for Week of November 15th

This week was Indian week. We had a bottle of pre-made "Korma" sauce to use up. As it turns out, paneer is very difficult to find in DC. Yes (the organic market near our house) used to carry it, as (I think) did Harris Teeter. No such luck this time. Had to make a special trip to Whole Foods, only to pay $9 (!) for a box of paneer.

Monday - Navartan Korma (vegetable Korma - with cauliflower, peas, carrots, and potato)

Tuesday - invited our friends over for leftover Borscht and Kale

Wednesday - Shahi Paneer

Thursday - Leftover Shahi Paneer and Navartan Korma

Menu for Week of November 8th

This week was another shot at a "Fall Harvest" menu. Unfortunately, a lot of our dishes just didn't turn out that great. We continue to struggle to find recipes for pumpkins that don't involve pies or ravioli (which we've already done).

Sunday - Roast Chicken with Roast Pumpkin

Monday - Buffalo Steak with Brussel Sprouts

Tuesday - Big Salad with Pumpkin French Fries

Wednesday - Steelhead Salmon (trout) with Lemon/Butter/Rosemary Sauce, with Kale and Brussel Sprouts

Thursday - Pumpkin Ravioli with Broccoli and Green Salad

Friday - Out to celebrate Jon's last day at YSA!

Menu for Week of October 31

We have peppers... lots of peppers. And winter is coming soon. Mexican week!!

Sunday - Grilling (admittedly non-Mexican)

Monday - Both out

Tuesday - Chile Frittata Casserole with Enchilada Sauce

Wednesday - Shrimp Tacos with Salsa Verde

Thursday - leftover Chili Frittata Casserole

Friday - Beef Tacos

Menu for Week of October 25

Plan for this week was a bit haphazard, but here goes:

Sunday - [[|Potluck Pig Roast at P&C Market]]

Monday - Chili (made on Sunday by Jon) + cole slaw

Tuesday - Big Salad + Baked Sweet Potatoes

Wednesday - EBLfgT (aka Egg, Bacon, Lettuce, and fried green Tomato) sandwiches + cole slaw

Thursday - Gnocci with Tomato Cream sauce

Friday - Jake's B-day celebration in the 'hood

Another Great Community Event - P&C Market

Fresh off the heels of last night's [[|community dinner]], tonight we went to a neighborhood roast pig / pot luck dinner at [[|P&C Market]].


A Literary Feast

Last night we participated in the 5th annual Capitol Hill [[|Literary Feast]]. We prioritized four books/cuisines and were delighted to be assigned to the Unaccustomed Earth dinner. The book is a collection of short stores, all about first generation Bengali-Americans and their struggles to blend their parents' Indian heritage with their American upbringing. Its an outstanding book, especially for anyone whose family has recently emigrated to America (from anywhere, not just India).

Literary Feast

Menu week of 18 October

This week we took advantage of the first fall crops to have a harvest-focused menu. We had thought ahead a little and bought some of the staples we'd need at Harris Teeter the week before. So we had no need to go to Safeway, and bought everything for the week at Eastern Market.

Fall Harvest

This week fall arrived in full force in DC (actually, temperatures more like winter, but the first taste of cold anyhow...). We wanted to take advantage of the fall bounty suddenly available at Eastern Market, and so we spent most of our day preparing a tasty Italian-inspired fall harvest dinner (yes we began at 10 am by roasting said harvest vegetables...).

fall harvest.

Menu for the week of Feb 16

This week's menu followed our weekend away, so we didn't do very much planning or an extensive market shop. I'll call this week "Simple Comfort Foods."

Monday - bread, cheese, and sausage leftovers from winestasting

Tuesday - big salad

Wednesday - taco night!!

Thursday - lox and bagels and latkes (aka Jew food night)

Friday - gourmet burgers

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