Mediterranean Week

Sunday will be grilling lamb sliders.

Monday will be a modification of this recipe

Tuesday is Lamb sausage with tabbouleh and tzatziki

Wednesday, there's an outdoor showing of Buena Vista Social Club that reportedly includes an on-site BBQ purveyor.

Thursday will be Couzcouz with brick chicken

Menu for the week of June 26

Sun: grilled whole rainbow trout, stuffed with lemon and rosemary, brushed with garlic scape pesto, with quinoa, grilled squash, and side salad of purslane and seabeans.

Mon : artesenal pizza w/salad on top
Tues: Gnocci in a brown butter sauce and side veg
Wed : Composed Salad w/ tuna
Thus: H St. / Art Walk
Fri : Baguette slices with heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, cured meats, cheese, olives, pickled mushrooms...

Menu for the week of June 10 2012

Sat - Grilled tuna, pea shoot salad, quick pickles, stuffed squash blossoms

Sun - Grilled Yakatori and cold soba noodle salad

Mon - homemade Sushi

Tues - Fried Rice + carrots, green beans, egg

Wed - Chinese Chicken Salad

Menu for the week of June 17 2012

This south-of-the-border menu comes with a full stock from a trip up to Mega Super Market near Takoma Park (at University and Piney Branch)

Sunday - Carne Asada, Guacamole

Monday - Ceviche with popcorn

Tuesday - Taco salad

Wednesday - Corn Tamales with bean salad

Menu for the week of June 22: Italian

Tomato Tart

Sat: Tomato Tart
Sun: Steak
Mon: Gnudi
Tues: Panzanella Salad
Wed: Strawberry-fennel gazpacho with leftover tart
Thus: Antipasti
Fri: Leftovers or out?

Menu for the week of July 1

Malaysian Steak Skewers

Sunday: Malaysian steak skewers

Monday: sushi

Tuesday: Cold sesame noodles with leftover skewers via

Wednesday: Black rice salad with mango and peanuts, via

Thursday: Brisket

Levantine) Menu for Week of June 22nd

Basmati with Wild Rice

Sun: ">Jujeh/Mixed Kebab, Zereshk Polo, and Grilled Veg
Mon: Middle Eastern Salad with Fried Chickpeas (from Wed recipe) and Feta
Tue: Kebab pita sandwiches
Wed & This: Out
Fri: Moroccan Carrot Salad with Wild Rice/Chickpea dish and Pita

Menu for week of Jun 29 / July 4


Sun: Ribs, corn, potato salad
Mon: Salmon with peas and mushrooms
Tue: Rib leftovers
Wed: Salad
Thu: Steak
Fri (July 4th): Burgers

Menu for Week of June 14th

Sat: Wineries/picnic / picnic leftovers
Sun: baby back ribs (grilling) + grilled veg? (roast chiles)
Mon: Chiles Rellenos and beans
Tue: salad
Wed: LAC HH / leftovers from Sunday (??)
Thu: leftover ribs or BELT (soak grains; roast sweet potatoes?) w/side salad
Fri: Grain bowl w/ seared cheese, shaved asparagus, and salmon (Audrey home!) 
Sat:  Tamarind steak with cold siracha soba noodles
Sun: Large lunch (BLT)

Menu for Week of June 21st

Sun night:  pan seared salmon, veg, side salad, baguette
 + (cure 1 salmon; make rice powder, make tart )
Mon: Thai beef salad
Tue:  Salad night + baguette
Wed: Tomato Tart +side salad
Thu: Crackers + goat cheese, roe spread, chive cream cheese + cured salmon + tomato shallot salad
Fri:  Tart leftovers  + salad      (A home late-likely)

Menu of Week of June 28th

Sat: Paella w/ grean beens
Sun: Hamburgers
Mon: Panzanella salad
Tue: Egg and Chorizo  w/ carrot salad
Wed: Leftover paella w/ side salad
Thu: Soup with sausage, serrano, cheese, side salad

Menu for the week of June 4

Sat: Steak
Sun: Ceviche w/ tortillas, popcorn
(prep; grainbowls: ; cure salmon
Mon: Steak salad/leftovers?
Tue: cured salmon with toasts, cheese, toms,
Wed: something with an egg (omelette?)
Thu: cured salmon salad
Fri: leftovers/tapas/whatever

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