The local market has a ton of wonderful pumpkins that we're trying out recipes with. This week was the warty "Galeuse d'Eysines," which I think will get turned into something sweet (though the pumpkin fries weren't half bad).

Menu for Week of November 8th

This week was another shot at a "Fall Harvest" menu. Unfortunately, a lot of our dishes just didn't turn out that great. We continue to struggle to find recipes for pumpkins that don't involve pies or ravioli (which we've already done).

Sunday - Roast Chicken with Roast Pumpkin

Monday - Buffalo Steak with Brussel Sprouts

Tuesday - Big Salad with Pumpkin French Fries

Wednesday - Steelhead Salmon (trout) with Lemon/Butter/Rosemary Sauce, with Kale and Brussel Sprouts

Thursday - Pumpkin Ravioli with Broccoli and Green Salad

Friday - Out to celebrate Jon's last day at YSA!

Menu for Week of November 15th

This week was Indian week. We had a bottle of pre-made "Korma" sauce to use up. As it turns out, paneer is very difficult to find in DC. Yes (the organic market near our house) used to carry it, as (I think) did Harris Teeter. No such luck this time. Had to make a special trip to Whole Foods, only to pay $9 (!) for a box of paneer.

Monday - Navartan Korma (vegetable Korma - with cauliflower, peas, carrots, and potato)

Tuesday - invited our friends over for leftover Borscht and Kale

Wednesday - Shahi Paneer

Thursday - Leftover Shahi Paneer and Navartan Korma

Thanksgiving to-do lists

Week Planning


  • Ladies and gentlemen... sharpen your knives!
  • Bake cornbread and biscuits and begin drying process
  • Prep vegetables for brine
  • Prepare and cool brine solution
  • Pick up Turkey
  • (Make cranberry sauce)




  • Rinse turkey, take out neck and giblets, and remove all the goop inside
  • Begin brining the turkey
  • trellosgiving Screenshot from 2013-11-30 085049.png

    Thanksgiving 2014

    Collecting our t'giving meal recipe selections:

    Menu for Week of November 9th

    Sun: Cabin (salmon)
    Mon: Cabin (steak w/brussels sprouts)
    Tues: Flounder with broccoli and rice
    Wed: Chili and baked potato (hot sauce, sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips) + mexicanish salad (pickled corn, mexican dressing)
    Thus: Panzanella salad (
    Fri: Eggplant parm (w/ salad?) (

    Eggplant Parmesan

    Menu for Weeks of November 16th + November 23rd

    Sat: Fondue
    Sun: Tuna Stew
    Mon: leftover tuna stew w/ veg [cook chickpeas]
    Tue: big Salad w/feta, fried chick peas...
    Wed: leftover tuna stew w/veg
    Thu: carrot salad, dolmades, yogurt dip, pita, olives, dry sheeps cheese, feta,
    Fri: Out
    Sat: w/ + naan
    Sun: w/ + naan
    Mon: Indian big salad with chana chaat
    Tue: Out with Jon's parents
    Wed: Indian leftovers + naan + rice

    Saag Paneer

    Menu for the week of Nov 2

    Menu for the week of Nov 23

    Sat: Shakshuka with eggs and broccoli 
    Sun: Butternut squash farrotto or grain bowls
    Mon: Salad night 
    Tue: Out
    Wed:  Smoked Salmon, cheeses, ....
    Fri: Leftovers

    Menu for the week of Nov 16

    Sun: sushiritos, cucumber salad, edamame
    Mon: crispy rice salad with asian sausage
    Tue: harvest grain bowls with green sauce, halloumi
    Wed:  harvest salad (apples, bacon, cheddar, ...)
    Thu: shakshuka with moroccan carrot salad, pita
    Fri: Cocktails, smoked salmon with cheeses

    Menu for the week of Nov 9

    Sun: Steak, green salad, bread
    Mon: Salad with cottage cheese, fruit
    Tue: Salad with cottage cheese, fruit, egg
    Wed... : SF

    Menu for the week of Nov 12: Mediterranean

    Sat: and green veg
    Sun: Steak with salad, sweet potato, green veg
    Mon: Out
    Wed: Ricotta ravioli w/ pesto and salad
    Thu: (use kale!)
    Fri: Fried eggplant or arancini with marinara sauce and salad

    Wheat Berry Salad

    Menu for the week of Nov 19

    Sat: Out
    Sun: Ricotta ravioli w/ pesto and salad
    Mon: Composed salad (pepper cheese, tuna / anchoas, olives, cherry tomatoes, red pepper x2, pepperocini)
    Tue: Salmon / cheese / etc
    Wed: (Ambar)
    Fri: Leftovers!

    Menu for the week of Nov 26

    Sat: Ethiopian/out
    Sun: Smoked salmon + creme fraiche, pepper jelly, veg/broccoli
    (roast beets, sweet potatoes)
    Mon: Leftovers!
    Tue: Spinach salad with beets, pecans, and goat cheese
    Wed: Dinner out at events
    Thu: Salmon salad (greens, salmon, avocado, goat cheese, red onion, tomato)
    Fri: Pineapple and pearls (Early!!!)

    Menu for the week of Nov 4 (Nordic)

    Sun: Steak, green salad with cherry tomatoes, fingerlings, green onions?
    Mon: with goat cheese
    Wed: Smoked salmon with seed bread, tarragon creme fraiche, cucumber pickles, etc.
    Thu: Wild mushroom pasta with garlic scape pesto


    Menu for the week of Nov 10 - Indian

    Fri: and with
    Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with">raita, and Rice
    Sat: Out
    Mon: Indianish salad - something like and BHEL (Cold and crunchy, light and lovely. Puffed rice, Bombay Mix and nylon sev tossed with fresh pomegranate, tomato, onion(or shallot?), lime, tamarind, mint)

    Aloo chat

    Menu for the week of Nov 25

    Sat: [smoked salmon lunch] Thanksgiving take 2, defrost lasagna
    Sun: Lasagna w/ caesar salad, garlic bread
    Mon: Pasta w/ mushrooms and garlic scape pesto
    Tue: Lasagna leftovers / caesar salad
    Wed: Panzanella Salad night
    Thus: Take out
    Fri: Lasagna leftovers / caesar salad / broccoli

    Panzanella Salad

    Menu for the week of Nov 19

    Sun: w/ brussels sprouts
    Mon: Fall Salad (apples, cranberry cheese, spiced pecans)

    * Defrosted turkey
    * Dressing
    * Baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows
    * Cranberry sauce
    * Dinner rolls
    * Pumpkin Pie

    Fri: Smoked salmon, cheeses, pepper jelly, veg plate, salad

    Smoked Turkey

    Menu for the week of November 3

    Sat: with creme fraiche sauce, baguette,,
    Sun: 2x “Classic” Pizzas
    Mon: Composed salad - greens, green beans, and avocado + salmon + pickled items + cheese?
    Tue: Arancini with sausage marinara sauce and green salad
    Wed: pizza leftovers
    Fri: Spaghetti w/ sausage marinara sauce and salad or green veg

    Menu for the week of Nov 10: Soup and leftovers

    Sat: , make and
    Mon: + persimmons/burrata/pomegranate seeds with baguette
    Tue: Spaghetti and meatballs, veg, baguette
    Wed: Leftover tuna stew (chop veg for salad?)
    Thus: Panzanella salad with leftover baguette
    Fri: Leftover potato soup

    Menu for the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 17)

    Sat: Steak Salad - greens, steak, tomato, red onion, avocado, parmesan crisps
    Sun: Baked potato soup /w small salad and bread/baguette
    Mon: Steak Bahn Mi
    Tue: Order in
    Wed: Smoked salmon, crackers, cheeses, moroccan carrot salad, olives, pickles, etc. + Noah BD
    Thus: Thanksgiving
    Fri: Thanksgiving leftovers

    Menu for the week of Nov 24

    Sat: Thanksgiving leftovers
    Sun: Chiles Rellenos with pintos and green salad; prep enchiladas
    Mon: Turkey Enchiladas
    Tue: Thanksgiving leftovers
    Wed: MX Salad night (greens, tomato, pickled onion, avocado) with Posole
    Thus: Tamales and beans
    Fri: Tacos/burritos (To go post doctor) or Huevos Rancheros

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