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Menu for the week of Easter / Apr 16

Poached Salmon with peas and mushrooms

Sat: Out
Sun: [Prep garlic for quiche] Steak, green salad, and asparagus
Mon: w/ Tue: (x2, freeze one) w/side salad Wed: Big Salad Thu: Pasta Fri: leftover Quiche w/ side salad

Menu for the week of Apr 9 (Passover)

Sun: Grilled chicken breast sandwiches w/veg and sweet potato fries; smoke salmon, make
Mon: Seder w/ brisket, charoset, potatoes, and (+ parsley, horseradish)
Wed: Matzah tart:
carrot-ricotta-tart w/ carrot and parsley
Thu: Brisket leftovers w/ brussels sprouts

Menu for the week of Apr 2

Mon: w/ asparagus, grain? Tue: Salad Wed: Thu: Fri: Leftover chickpeas

Menu for week of March 26

Sat: Steak with green salad, green veg
Sun: Mon: middle eastern salad / grain bowl w/ chickpeas, halloumi Tue/Wed: Out Thu: cottage cheese and fruit Fri: leftover salmon with dill sauce and asparagus Sat:

Menu for the week of Mar 19

Corned Beef Hash

Sun: Corned beef w/ roast veg ; make bread Mon: Cured salmon with rye bread/toasts, etc. Tue: baked potato with corned beef Wed: corned beef sandwiches Thu: Cured salmon salad Fri: Corned beef hash w/egg []

Menu for the week of Mar 12 : Central Mexican


Sun: + veg/salad, make posole, hot sauce Mon: Tue: Wed: Vegetarian taco salad (greens, avocado, pickled corn, tomatoes, peppers, onions Thu: Mexican tacos with leftover pork, chicken, cilantro, white onion, sliced radishes, hot sauces Fri: Posole

Menu for the week Feb 26: Mixed

Sat: Grill steak, veg, (smoke salmon) Sun: Out for lunch? “tapas/dips” style dinner - dolma, , spreads... Mon: w/ Tue: dill/yogurt/salmon/mediterranean salad Wed: Thu: pita w/meatballs

Menu for the week of Feb 19 : Asian

Crispy Orange Beef

Sat: bagel with leftover salmon, tomato, cucumber, onion, etc.
Sun: with brown rice
Wed: with chinese sausage instead of beef
Thu: leftover orange beef
Fri: Takorean tacos

Menu for the week of Feb 12: Seafood

Crab Cakes with an Avocado/Yogurt sauce

Sun: Crab Dynamite with cucumber salad [make shrimp; shred cabbage]
Mon: Raw Bar: shrimp cocktail, oysters with cole slaw and hot rolls
Tue: (Vday) cheeses / smoked salmon with baguette, cucumber salad +dill !, veg, green salad

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