Kitchen World War II

Our actual plan was to deal with the encroaching fall items (like beets) and to celebrate the last of the summer produce (tomatoes). Throw in a 4-day trip to Texas, a 3-day super-busy conference for Jon, and a desire to eat down some of the leftovers in the freezer as well, and a very ... diverse menu comes out.

Menu for the week of October 5 (Allied Forces)

Weekend - American Grill

Monday: Russian Borscht

Tuesday: English (ish) Guinness Cottage Pie

Menu week of 18 October

This week we took advantage of the first fall crops to have a harvest-focused menu. We had thought ahead a little and bought some of the staples we'd need at Harris Teeter the week before. So we had no need to go to Safeway, and bought everything for the week at Eastern Market.

Menu for Week of October 25

Plan for this week was a bit haphazard, but here goes:

Sunday - [[|Potluck Pig Roast at P&C Market]]

Monday - Chili (made on Sunday by Jon) + cole slaw

Tuesday - Big Salad + Baked Sweet Potatoes

Wednesday - EBLfgT (aka Egg, Bacon, Lettuce, and fried green Tomato) sandwiches + cole slaw

Thursday - Gnocci with Tomato Cream sauce

Friday - Jake's B-day celebration in the 'hood

Menu for Week of October 31

We have peppers... lots of peppers. And winter is coming soon. Mexican week!!

Sunday - Grilling (admittedly non-Mexican)

Monday - Both out

Tuesday - Chile Frittata Casserole with Enchilada Sauce

Wednesday - Shrimp Tacos with Salsa Verde

Thursday - leftover Chili Frittata Casserole

Friday - Beef Tacos

The first fall menu

This past week was undeniably a fall week, and the best food options at the market reflected that.

Mon - Butternut Squash and ginger soup with a sage foam, alongside kale wilted with pancetta, dried cranberries and pecorino cheese
Tues - homemade butternut ravioli with a brown butter sauce and broccoli
Wed - More soup!
Thus - baked sweet potatoes and salad

Menu for the Week of October 7

Sun: Steak with corn and tomato salad
Mon: Pomegranate Lamb
Tue: Fatteh bel djaje
Wed: Dinner out with friends
Thu: Basmati Rice and Summer Veg Salad

Menu for the Week of October 14


Sat: Wild mushroom and mozzarella risotto arancini with homemade Ciabatta
Mon: Bernice's Fried Eggplant with marinara sauce, as eggplant parm
Tues: Meats, cheeses, bread, and pesto
Wed: White bean ragout + side salad
Thus: Panzanella Salad

Menu for week of Oct 5

Steamed Buns with Pork Belly

Sat: Marinated hangar steak w/bok choi and rice
Sun: Crispy Ho An pancakes
Mon: Lao crispy rice salad
Tue: Steam buns w/pork belly with bok choi
Wed: Thai beef salad with grill leftovers
Thu: Steam buns

Menu for Week of October 12th

Duck Leg Confit

Fall Welcome Week (Chili, duck confit, truffle cream sauce w/rolls, pumpkin/gourd dish...)

Sun: Butternut soup ( ) w/ rolls and romanesco
Mon: Duck w/ green salad
Tues: Fall Salad night
Wed: Duck w/ romanesco
Thus: Soup (J late)

Menu for Week of October 26th


Sat: Literary Feast
Sun: Grilling at Dave's (pimiento mac and cheese)
Mon: Turkey Posole with avocado, lime, hot sauce, and platano chips
Tues: Vegetarian Taco Salad (avocado, pickled corn, bell pepper, black beans, queso fresco)
Wed: Arepas (J - ham and cheese, A - refried beans, fried egg, avocado, tomato, mayo)
Thus: A HH Turkey Posole with avocado, lime, hot sauce, and platano chips
Fri: (black beans, pickled corn, pickled jalapeños, pepper jack, avocado, green onions?, sour cream) (Halloweeeeeeeen)

Menu for the week of Oct 3

Oil-poached fish

Sat: Chili
Sun: oil-poached fish
Mon: SW salad
Tue: chili leftovers
Wed: quinoa grain bowl w/ avoc & green sauce
Thu: taco night
Fri: Salad/leftovers

Menu for the week of Oct 11

Green Sauce

Sat: grain bowl a choix de Jon (Barley  Rye with roasted yam, beets, watercress, green sauce and eggs 
Sun: Steak w/ green salad; make marinara sauce
Mon: eggplant parmesan and green salad
Tue: Brussels sprouts and kale salad 
Wed: shrimp saganaki with green vegetable
Thu: mixed salad

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