Bizarre Foods Roundup

Thai Thasting Menu

Thai Yellow Curry

We needed to explore a few menu options for an upcoming dinner party, as well as test out DC's ability to supply ingredients:

Saturday: Night out at Eden Center and nearby grocery stores

Sunday: Steak (it was warm in January!)

Monday: Yellow Chicken Curry with rice

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Salad night (som dam?)

Thursday: Pad Thai

Friday: Tofu Coconut Soup

Food (and drink) link roundup. Mostly Drink.

Epic molecular mixology:

Hot-and-cold Gin Fizz from El Bulli:

GoodBooze comes out with an entire section on gin:


The make-your-own list:

Make your own bitters from this recipe database:

Food Science link roundup

The history and science of the meringue:

Innovative cake pans: Orange peels.!7324/chocolate-cake-baked-in-an-orange

Carmelized onions in 15 minutes, without cheating:

Using unwanted wine in cocktails:

Food Hacking link roundup: Up in Smoke edition

Cold smoking using a normal grill:

Flavoring your wood chips: (I kinda do this with my Brisket)

A reminder and guide to calibrating stove and grill thermometers:

Food Hacking: Wine tricks and Lobster Anesthesia Edition

Save a bad wine by turning it into tasty jelly:

Tired of digging out the foil cutter? Twist and pull it off. How did I not know this before? (

Easy packing for wine bottle protection - floaties:

Cocoa crumbs - French trend and tasty treat:

Menu for the week of July 1

Sunday - (Grilling steak - dry-aged for 4 days in the fridge)

Monday - Eating out at America Eats' last week

Tuesday - Fattoush Salad

Wednesday - Burgers and corn for July 4

Thus - Grilled spiced eggplant

Fri - Brick Chicken

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