Menu for Week of October 26th

Sat: Literary Feast
Sun: Grilling at Dave's (pimiento mac and cheese)
Mon: Turkey Posole with avocado, lime, hot sauce, and platano chips
Tues: Vegetarian Taco Salad (avocado, pickled corn, bell pepper, black beans, queso fresco)
Wed: Arepas (J - ham and cheese, A - refried beans, fried egg, avocado, tomato, mayo)
Thus: A HH Turkey Posole with avocado, lime, hot sauce, and platano chips
Fri: (black beans, pickled corn, pickled jalapeños, pepper jack, avocado, green onions?, sour cream) (Halloweeeeeeeen)


Menu for Week of October 12th

Fall Welcome Week (Chili, duck confit, truffle cream sauce w/rolls, pumpkin/gourd dish...)

Sun: Butternut soup ( ) w/ rolls and romanesco
Mon: Duck w/ green salad
Tues: Fall Salad night
Wed: Duck w/ romanesco
Thus: Soup (J late)

Duck Leg Confit

Menu for week of Oct 5

Sat: Marinated hangar steak w/bok choi and rice
Sun: Crispy Ho An pancakes
Mon: Lao crispy rice salad
Tue: Steam buns w/pork belly with bok choi
Wed: Thai beef salad with grill leftovers
Thu: Steam buns

Steamed Buns with Pork Belly

Menu for week of Sep 12

Sat: Fried eggplant with tomato sauce
Sun: Steak w/ tomato shallot vinaigrette salad and grilled corn
Mon: eggplant parm
Tue: white bean ragout
Wed: Composed Niçoise Salad

Fried Eggplant

Menu for week of July 28

Mon: Sushi with Sunomono and Seaweed Salad
Tues: Cold Soba Noodle Salad with Pork Dumplings
Wed: Tamarind Steak with rice and cucumber sunomono
Thus: Out
Fri: Thai Beef Salad with Leftover tamarind steak

Cold Soba Noodles

Menu for week of July 21

Sat: Spanish Tortilla with Salad
Sun: Paella [Make Gazpacho]
Mon: Gazpacho with Salad
Tues: Paella leftovers
Wed: Leftover Gazpacho and Tortilla
Thus: Out
Fri: Tapas


Menu for week of July 14

Sun: Carne Asada with Corn, Grilled Red Onion, Bell Pepper, Squash
Mon: Chicken Enchiladas with Salad or Veg
Tue: Vegetarian Taco Salad with Corn, Avocado, and Black Beans
Wed: Leftover Carne Asada
Thu: Chicken Breast, Rice, and Black Beans and Veg
Fri: Leftover Chicken Enchilada

Chicken Enchiladas - mixed

Menu for week of Jun 29 / July 4

Sun: Ribs, corn, potato salad
Mon: Salmon with peas and mushrooms
Tue: Rib leftovers
Wed: Salad
Thu: Steak
Fri (July 4th): Burgers


Levantine) Menu for Week of June 22nd

Sun: ">Jujeh/Mixed Kebab, Zereshk Polo, and Grilled Veg
Mon: Middle Eastern Salad with Fried Chickpeas (from Wed recipe) and Feta
Tue: Kebab pita sandwiches
Wed & This: Out
Fri: Moroccan Carrot Salad with Wild Rice/Chickpea dish and Pita

Basmati with Wild Rice

Menu for week of May 30

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